FAQ Etherisc DIP staking

How to stake DIP?

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Before staking, you must ensure you are connected with your wallet with our Etherisc DIP staking app on the Ethereum mainnet and have a small amount of ETH to afford the network fee.
Caution: Please ensure you know how to use non-custodial wallets like Metamask before staking your tokens. As a rule of thumb, never give anyone your seed phrase or private key and never interact with non-official websites.

Step 2: Choose a bundle

Click the ‘Stake DIP’ button. You get a list of active bundles. Select a bundle by clicking on the 'SELECT’ button.
Alternatively, click 'STAKE' in the 'DIP staking' and 'My Stakes' areas on the right.
The bundles are single-asset pools and require DIP tokens. Stakers can acquire DIP tokens at several centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Step 3: Stake your DIP tokens

Enter the desired amount of DIP tokens, read and agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box and clicking the button ‘STAKE.’
Note: You will be prompted to do an approved transaction each time.
Your deposit and rewards will be locked until the risk bundle expires. After the bundle’s lifetime ends, you must actively unstake the DIPs. There is no automatic transfer to your wallet.

Single-sided / double-sided staking

In the first release of our Etherisc DIP staking app, we will offer single-sided staking only. You can only stake DIP in the Etherisc DIP staking app.
We will inform you immediately when double-sided staking is possible.

I’ve staked tokens. Can I stake more?

Of course! You can stake tokens as much as you like. You can reinvest in a bundle by clicking the 'My stakes' button or select another risk bundle by clicking the 'Stake DIP' button.

Is there a minimum stake amount?

The minimum amount is 5.000 DIP tokens in the Etherisc DIP staking app.

Is there a maximum stake amount?

There is no maximum stake amount.

What are the rewards I will receive?

The payout will be in DIP tokens. The reward rate is adjusted to market conditions. Please check the app for the current reward rate. The current reward rate applies to the payout.

When will I start earning rewards?

From the moment you make a deposit, your passive income begins.

When will I receive my rewards?

You can claim your rewards at any time, at least after the end of the staking period. Just click the ‘CLAIM REWARDS’ button and your rewards will be sent to your wallet.

Can I also add my rewards to my total staking amount?

That does not work. Your rewards are always transferred to your wallet.

Is there a minimum lock duration?

The minimum lock duration depends on the bundle lifetime you staked your DIP tokens in.

How can I unstake my DIP tokens?

Just press the ‘Unstake DIP’ button. You will see all bundles in which unstaking is possible. The bundle needs to be expired or closed to unstake.

What is restaking?

You can restake your DIP tokens when the risk bundle you have staked in is closed or expired. You can then restake your complete amount, i.e., all tokens and all rewards in a transaction, into a risk bundle where you haven’t staked DIP token yet.

What is gasless staking?

By checking the box, ‘I would like Etherisc to submit the transaction and pay fees on my behalf,’ you can set Etherisc to pay the fees. We cover the fees for the initial stake in a risk bundle that the current wallet has not yet staked in.

What is gasless restaking?

Similar to gasless staking, you also have the choice of taking over the fees or Etherisc when you restake your DIP token.

Etherisc limits the gas fee. The maximum fee is adjusted to the current market conditions. You can see the current limit by hovering over the info button. The text that appears contains the current limit. Etherisc does not guarantee that the transaction will be executed immediately.

Where are the rewards coming from?

The Etherisc Foundation initially provided them.

Are my staked DIP token at risk?

No, the DIP tokens are not at risk. Even if there is a depeg, the DIP tokens are only used to unlock the capital in the risk bundles. In the case of a depeg, the payout comes from the USDT.

Can I stake DIP token on its own?

Yes sure. You can stake your DIP token without staking USDT.

What happens to my staked DIP tokens if the owner terminates the risk bundle before the end?

You can leave your DIP token in the risk bundle until the end of the actual lifetime. You will continue to receive your reward.